Welcome to CLEARS Southern Chapte

Dear Colleagues,

As the new Chapter President, I would like to welcome all of you to the CLEARS Southern Chapter.  It feels like 2022 will be a transition year for all of us both personally and professionally.  Hopefully we are at the end of the pandemic and can return to a somewhat normal life.  Due to the pandemic, we had many changes.  Most of our departments embraced the changes and modernized our services.  We adapted to these changes and in most cases were able to streamline our services.  As we look back at the hardship of the last two years, we can look forward to the hope of 2022.

As we begin 2022, the Southern Chapter Board and I are looking forward to a promising year.  The CLEARS Annual Seminar will be held in person in Reno from October 3rd- 7th.  This year we are going back to in person training for the first time in two years. We are planning to some great trainings and are excited see everyone in person.

Lastly as I start 2022 as the new president, I would like to thank Past President Christy Witherspoon for all her hard work and dedication to the CLEARS Southern Chapter over the last couple of years.  You led us through the troubling Covid times and brought us through better and stronger.

Welcome Southern Chapter Members and here is to a Happy and Healthy 2022.


Elena Garner
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(310) 217-9611