Training/Meeting Schedule



During the Chapter Board meetings, the monthly business of the CLEARS Chapter is discussed.  This formal setting includes an agenda and covers each of the Board Member's reports. Decisions about Chapter level business are discussed and later announced at the general session. All members are welcome to attend the board meeting when "new business" may need to be addressed.


Immediately following the registration process, the general business announcements are made to the Chapter members.  This includes the President's report of state level business, Chapter finances, raffle or charity information, as well as a variety of other reports.  Member voting may be requested of the Chapter membership present for business that impacts all members, so you're monthly attendance is encouraged.

Networking among your records management colleagues is another benefit and necessity in today's rapidly changing environment. The friends and colleagues you meet will provide you shared expertise in those tough decisions or challenges you might face on a daily business. 

So, come join us this month!  A tasty lunch is included as part of the monthly fees.


  • To associate persons who are actively engaged   in the supervision of law enforcement records in an organized body so that the profession in all its branches may be standardized and effectively practiced. 
  • To encourage research for the betterment of records. 
  • To keep its members apprised of the latest techniques of records management. 
  • To effect and maintain liaison with legislation concerned with records keeping and confidentiality. 
To achieve professionalism and maintain high standards of performance among supervisors of law enforcement records in the discharge of their responsibilities.



2020 Training/Meeting Schedule
All No-Shows will be charged

We're planning the year in advance! Come back often to see the courses as they develop. Here's what's coming! Each training session is finalized when the flier is posted at least 30 days in advance.

Feb. 12 CANCELLED    
March 18 CANCELLED    
April 8 CANCELLED   Burbank PD
June 10 CANCELLED   Gardena PD
July 22 NIBRS
Aug. 12 TBD   Torrance PD
Sept. 9 TBD   Arcadia PD
Nov. 17 NOBRS/CIBRS Q&A Alison Luneta
Dec. 2 TBD   Culver City PD



» CLEARS Annual Training & Technology Seminar

» Other Chapter Monthly Training meetings       


As part of your paid annual membership, each member receives a copy of our electronic magazine. Read about how each chapter is coming along.  Issued each quarter of the year... the CPR is a great read!


For our Chapter Board, our CPR contributions will need to be submitted by the following dates.  
For our members, read the existing news four times a year.

SPRING Thurs., May 26, 2020 Release: April
SUMMER Thurs., June 25, 2020 Release: July
FALL Thurs., Sept. 24, 2020 Release: August
WINTER Thrusday, Dec. 10, 2020 Release: January